Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important issue. It always should be respected. So, we are committed to respecting the privacy of our valued clients. We consider the violation of privacy as a crime. Accordingly, we are devoted to upholding it. Weak privacy can lead to massive disasters for clients. So, this is highly important to ensure that the clients’ properties should be in safe hands. We are there with the assurance.

The texts below will describe how we deal with privacy issues. Since photo editing requires lots of photos, there might be some private photos too. The clients might not want to get exposed. Some of them may love to keep the pictures in private. So, we have taken the following measures to protect the privacy of our clients while dealing with us.

Our requirements

For editing photos, we need some essential information. This is a usual process and many other agencies working in the industry practice it. We collect several information but with the consent of our clients. And we receive them right after the visitors land or explore our website.

The list of the information is below:
  • Visitors’ IP address
  • Visitors’ accessing time and duration
  • Any referral page that directs you to our website
  • Type of browser you used to explore our site
  • The necessity of collecting the info

Well, there are no exact reasons for obtaining the information. Neither we have any intention to save them, nor are we set to use them in the future. Instead, they are necessary to make your experience smoother while visiting us. When you visit us next, you will have a different experience.

Based on the information, we try to determine your site user behavior. Accordingly, we will try to improve your experience in your next visits. The information we collect shall be used for providing you with new information. Based on your choice and preference, we will have fresh and attractive contents. Besides, you can have our latest and best offers. We also will place some advertisements and circulations too. In the long run, they will help you meet your requirements.

We need the information to improve your experience while you visit our website. With the information gathered, we try to inform you of new contents, our latest offers and other advertisements that you may require to meet your needs.

However, be assured that none of your information will be leaked. We never share the information with any external party that may pose you a security threat. A strict level of privacy is maintained here. This is a pledge from us to our global clients. Instead of sharing with anyone else, we will share our thoughts with you. You will get brochures, e-mails, and other promotional materials. At the same time, you can know about our latest activities and offers. Going through them, you may feel the necessity of having our services and products.


We know that not all the users have similar website visiting experiences or behaviors. So, we will also get options to stop the promotional materials. If you are reluctant to receive the promotions and information, you can stop that. When you feel irritated or bored with the messages and notifications, let us know. We will stop sending you from the next term.

Besides, it is up to you if you want to receive cookies. You can use your website browser setting option to fix it. It will help you to deter cookies peeping up at your browsing window.

Change in the privacy policy

Please keep in mind that this policy of privacy is a subject that we can change at any time. Considering the circumstances, we may need to revise the policy once in a while. But be assured that there would no changes that will hurt your interests in us. You can experience the changes on our website page. But if you want, we can send you notifications from time to time about the changes.

At times, you may not be comfortable with all our terms. We suggest to drop us a line in those cases. We are always there to explain the matters in brief or detail to you at your convenient moment.

A note about Pixelster

Pixelster is a recently launched photo editing company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have the best solution for all types of photo editing needs. We have an expert team who can provide the best photo editing experience you ever had. They are dedicated and know what they are performing. So, you do not need to worry about the quality or deadline issues.

Pixelster also has the provision to provide a large number of reviews on photo editing. The blog section is enriched with articles and other relevant documents that would prove beneficial for the readers and visitors. The items here are highly crafted that will deliver some insights to the visitors.

You can get our services for several reasons. Naturally, you may have some adverse experiences while receiving photo editing services from others. Your all investment may turn into wastage of your dough. But once you are on board with us, you will feel a positive vibe.

We also inspire our potential clients and well-wishers to visit our website. It will help them to know about us and why we are unique. They will have the entire necessary photo editing solution for them. They can browse an extensive collection of samples and reviews from our existing clients.

The most critical issue is that we never delay executing our responsibilities. We guarantee the right care without compromising the quality. We have a strict recruitment process of employing photo editors. Following the process, we have set a pool of experts who can deliver the best within a short time.

Even more, we also have service section on the website where you can easily select your needs. Considering the needs of the clients, we categorized the services. Right after you place the order, we get you back and start the production.

Legal Disclaimer

Pixelster is a newly-launched photo editing agency. This can meet all the necessary photo editing requirement of global clientele. The service we provide is smooth, and there are no hidden costs.

A regular publication of news and information in forms of blogs and articles keeps our clients aware. Your sincere judgment on the services we provide will be highly appreciated always.

Nothing is perfect in the world. But we try utmost to make the things better than before.

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