Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for our global clients

So far, you have got the necessary ideas about the services we provide and types of photos we deal with. Now, this is time to discuss some other important issues. They are about the terms and conditions. But don’t get worried. In this portion, this all about the terms and conditions that both the parties (our clients and us) shall follow for a betterment. The terms and conditions are simple and easy to comprehend.
The terms and conditions are formed considering the viewpoints of our clients and us. In fact, the views might be different. But we have to come into a mutual negotiation to continue the photo editing tasks. The clauses placed here are harmless. Instead, they will help both the parties to move forward smoothly even for the upcoming deals in future. Besides, we always aim to improve our services for our global clientele. The terms and conditions also focus on further betterment of the contracts.
Our prospective clients will get some definite ideas about the services and requirements. So, go through the rest of the texts and place your orders. As valued clients, you will get some insights into how we work and what your roles are in executing the process of photo editing.
All the points are aimed to ensure a better way for our clients’ receiving our services. We have lots of flexibilities. We respect the privacy and security issues too. It will take a few moments to comprehend the lines below.

Ownership of photos

Please, be noted that as a client, you are the sole owner of the images we will edit. But in that case, you need to pay the full amount of the bill. Besides, we ensure that we do not preserve any extra copies for our future use. We also are clearly stating that we will not use the photos elsewhere.
When we receive the due amounts from our clients, we deliver all the images. At that moment, you become the sole owner of them. We do not have any claim on the photos anymore.
Besides, you also need to know that we shall not bear any liabilities if any third party uses the photos for any of the purposes. And we shall not place any bar to take any legal actions from your end. You have the right to battle legally with those issues.
At the same time, we are also confirming that we do not store the photos. If you need any backup of the images, you need to do it all by yourself. So, if there is any missing of pictures after the delivery, we shall not bear any liabilities. The liabilities shall be on us before the delivery. Once we clear the photos, we are free of the liability issues.

Order placing

Pixelster is an independent photo editing agency. It does not have any other modes of accepting orders other than the website. Therefore, we never inspire our clients to place orders using any different modes (like social media platforms) than our website. We have the provision to reach us directly (see our contact us page). If you have any queries, you can drop us your thoughts there.
The placement order is easy too. The payment modes are explained. As a matter of fact, we want to be transparent in all the terms of order receiving, delivery and payment issues.
The photo editing industry is booming in recent days. So, if you get an experience of any deception using our brand, we shall not be liable for that too. If you pay them in advance and do not receive the edited photos, we can sympathize.
This is made clear in the lines above that we do not accept orders other than this website; we shall not bear any responsibilities. To avoid such fraudulent activities, we take direct orders. It helps every party to remain in a safe state.
Moreover, we do not entertain any external entities to collect clients for us. So, if someone pretends to be our agent, skip their contacts directly. We would appreciate direct orders using our Pixelster website.
Bear in mind that we deal with photo editing alone. We do not have any affiliation with someone else. Our clients place orders, and we cater their needs accordingly.

Payment details

In Pixelster, we receive payment using our website. It is appreciated if you follow the payment modes mentioned in the site. We do not collect dough instead rely on digital methods of transactions. The chances are high that someone may claim payments symbolizing us. In those cases, the liabilities are yours. Before you make the payment, you need to check the modes mentioned on the website.
Be noted that the payment modes are safe and secured.
Verification of the clients
Security and safety is our prime concern. We want all our clients will have the optimum level of protection with us. We also do not want to feel them insecure. Thereby, we need verification of our client. The information is precise, clear and should also be complete. As we are dealing with photos, there might be sensational issues too.
Therefore, before finalizing the deal with us, we want our valued clients to provide necessary information to reduce the risks. It would be a record for future use too.
On the flip part, if you want to know about us, we are always there to provide any information you need. You can verify us using your available modes.

Privacy concerns

Oftentimes, there are some privacy issues of the clients. At times, the photo editing agencies violate them intentionally or accidentally. So, the clients are in hot water. But there are no such potential threats with us.
You can send us your identification marks or the correspondence links you use. Besides, you can also send any other necessary information without a second thought.

Refunding issue

Unless there are any significant issues, we are reluctant to refund. We try to serve the best from us. So, all the photos are up to the mark. Our dedicated service is able to satisfy you. But we are also respectful of our mistakes. There is none in the world is perfect. Mistakes may happen accidentally.
In that case, we are ready to revise them for an infinite time if there are any significant issues. We will negotiate the matter mutually. But if the negotiation fails, we are ready to refund. However, considering the photo editing complexities, we may not repay the entire amount. If the photos are simple, we will refund in full. But if the images are complicated, we will refund a certain amount and keep the remaining as our service charge.
Hope, you are okay with our terms and conditions. Feel free to share your thought, ideas, and recommendations for our future betterment.

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